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Most people call this a key fob. It is simply a wireless remote that controls the electronic parts of the vehicle. You can use the key fob to open, lock or start the car without even touching it. You can even use it to put the car alarm on or off.

Sometimes the remote is all you need to drive the car without; having a blade to place in the ignition and other times; Basically, the fob controls the trunk and doors, while the blade controls the doors. Start the car with the key. Using a wireless remote key is very convenient and even in the case of emergencies; It is easy to replace or duplicate them.

Replacement of a Key Fob

An auto locksmith is very capable of handling the replacement of a remote car key. If you lose or break your car key; Mobile locksmiths can help you wherever you are. There, the locksmith will replace and program your new key quickly. If you are in Jamaica Plain, MA;the locksmith can get to you very fast with all the tools necessary to fix your key fob.

It doesn’t take very long to replace or reprogram a remote car key. The length of time and the difficulty that the locksmith will face depends on the make; model and year of the vehicle as well as the type of programming technique that the locksmith is using to get the key ready.

Some models are trickier than others, and this is why it isn’t advisable to do it yourself. Making a mistake can damage the remote and lead you to replace it again; and so it’s best to give it to a locksmith who can do it under thirty minutes.

If you want to replace or repair your remote car key, you should also have some documents like the Vehicle Identification Number of your car, your identification card and the car’s documents. The locksmith will be able to figure out if the key fob can be fixed or not, and if it’s stolen or lost, the locksmith will simply replace and reprogram another car key for you to use.

The remote car key cannot be replaced without the car, but rest assured, the locksmith is trained to fix the key without damaging any other part of the car. The ignition and car locks are safe while the key fob is replaced or fixed as long as they are not damaged. If they are damaged, the problem with the car will be more than just replacing the car keys.

Other Types of Keys

The best auto locksmith in Jamaica Plain, MA, does not only focus on a key fob but also on other types of keys like the transponder key, master key and even the basic car key that includes no technology whatsoever. Whatever emergency you have with your keys, locks or ignition system, call the locksmith.

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