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With extensive knowledge of lock repair and installation, our locksmith can remedy any problem you face at your business. The locks at your business keep out unauthorized individuals and protect the things that you’ve worked hard for. But, mishaps occur along the way and our commercial locksmith Jamaica Plain is here to take care of them all. No problem is out of our realm of expertise. We come to your business with reliable, 20 minute response in our fully loaded van ready to get the job done. We understand how lock issues affect the day and work hard to eliminate your worry. If you need a dependable locksmith with over a decade in business let our honest experts serve your needs.

Commercial door locks usually require more security because there are a lot of products and files that need security locks. At locksmith Jamaica Plain, MA, we offer commercial locksmith services when there are lockout situations. Though there are people in charge of security in such buildings, commercial lockouts can still happen as a result of a mistake by the personnel. Jamaica Plain locksmith offers the best services to protect your business.

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When Should You Call Jamaica Plain, MA Commercial Locksmith Services?

Never delay a call for commercial locksmith services if the locks at your business cause trouble or concern. The longer you wait to make the call, the more worry and trouble you experience. We’ll come out to your place of business anywhere in the Jamaica Plain, MA area and resolve the problem. Nothing is too complex for our experts to handle. Want to replace or upgrade your commercial door locks? That’s a simple job for our experts. Need a security lock? We can install this high-profile lock as well. We also assist with commercial lockouts, key duplication, and many other services for businesses of all sizes.

Commercial Locksmith Services

An Expert Jamaica Plain Locksmith for Commercial Lockouts

Commercial lockouts happen to the best of us. They occur day and night and when least expected. A building lockout compromises security and safety, causes production loss, and of course, a plethora of worries and concerns for a business owner. Call our locksmith Jamaica Plain if you’re locked out of the building and we’ll get you back inside quickly. Our Jamaica Plain locksmith has the tools and expertise to open your door without causing any damage to your door or building. Let us help you get inside after a lockout.

We Handle All Your Commercial Door Locks Needs

Every business has different needs and expectations from their door locks. Some business owners want window locks or need access control systems. Call our commercial locksmith Jamaica Plain for these issues and more. We’ll listen to your needs and quickly go to work to ensure that we exceed those expectations. No matter what type of commercial door locks on the building or the type of service you need, our locksmith experts have you covered. We can even copy building keys if there is an issue with a lost or broken key.

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Why Use a Security Lock?

Call our locksmith commercial expert to learn more about the security lock and the multitude of ways it keeps your business protected and safe. Many business owners prefer security locks over traditional locks because they offer an added layer of protection and peace of mind. Could this be the perfect lock for our business needs?

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What are high security locks?

The first thing that may pop into your head are the high-tech systems available on the market, but fingerprint access and key-less entry just may not be in the budget, or simply make no sense to have for the type of business you own. High security locks are locks that are designed to offer additional security that traditional locks cannot. They provide advanced resistance to being compromised. You’ll find that many vendors may claim their locks are high security, but only locks that are given a security rating are actually high security. High security locks are designed to make it too expensive or time consuming to break it.

How do high security locks offer my business a higher level of protection than traditional locks?

High security locks are crafted with locking mechanisms that can only be operated by a single key. This makes them almost impossible to pick, and make bump keys (a favorite tool of would-be burglars) useless. Another way high security locks offer more protection is that some of them cannot have keys duplicated without your authorization. This ensures that you are the only one who is able to say when a key is made and who that key goes to. Specialty features also are included, like steel door frames and bolts that prevent common methods of forced entry including prying and sawing.