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Many issues around the house require the expertise of a residential locksmith Jamaica Plain to resolve. Perhaps your locks aren’t sufficient or there is damage. We have a locksmith in a fully loaded van ready to come to your home to resolve these issues and many others. We’re not the average locksmith professional, however. We aim to cater to the needs of our customers and respond to calls with a 20 minute response. We have over a decade in business, since which time we’ve provided customers with honest, reliable service. When you need an affordable and dependable locksmith who goes above and beyond, give us a call if you endure when lock issues.

We help with Re-key Locks by working on the internal components of the lock such that a different key can open the lock. This service works mainly for residential door locks when a home lockout occurs. At locksmith Jamaica Plain we offer locksmith residential services, especially when you want to increase your home security but also save some money.

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Why Call for Residential Locksmith Services in Jamaica Plain, MA?

Many types of lock mishaps may cause the need for Jamaica Plain, MA residential locksmith services. Sometimes locks break; sometimes we get locked out of our homes and need home lockout service. Maybe you want residential door locks upgrade. For these issues and more, our locksmith residential in Jamaica Plain is here. Lock issues at home are very serious. Your security and peace of mind are both at stake. We take the time to listen to our customer needs and then go to work to rectify the trouble. No issue is too big for our experienced locksmith residential to handle.

A Trusted Locksmith Residential

No matter the reason you need a Jamaica Plain locksmith to come to your home, rest assured that we’ll take care of your needs. Lock issues at the house are scary, but we resolve your woes in a hurry. We offer some of the best locksmiths in town. They take pride in their work and want customers to know they’re getting dedicated service. Our locksmith residential offers free, no-obligation estimates, honest pricing, and guarantees behind all of our work. We get the job done quickly without sacrificing quality. It’s just the way our residential locksmith does things. We think that it’s a difference you will appreciate.

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What Causes a Home Lockout?

A home lockout occurs when you’ve locked the keys inside the home or have lost or misplaced them and cannot access your home. It happens more often than many people realize, but our locksmith pros can get you back inside fast. We work quickly to unlock your doors. We won’t cause any damage to the door or to the structure of the house as we work. And, if you need a new key or someone to install hardware, we have your needs covered. Our residential locksmith Jamaica Plain is the lockout expert you can always call upon any hour of the day or night.

Call Us for Residential Door Locks

Lock problems stand in the way of the things that you need to do. Don’t let this problem bring you down and ruin the day. We know residential door locks. When you need a locksmith residential to repair a lock, upgrade the lock, or repair hardware, give us a call.

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All About Residential Locksmith

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Why should I use a deadbolt?

Deadbolts are some of the most secure options that you can find in regards to home security. While someone may still be able to break in via picking the deadbolt’s lock, that’s the only way that they can get into a door that is deadbolted shut. The deadbolt makes it impossible for someone to get into the door through brute force or using a credit card in order to try and slide in between the lock and the door. This is one of the main reasons that pros recommend having a deadbolt as part of your door security.

Why is it called a deadbolt?

The name “deadbolt” came from terms from the early 1900’s. The term was in reference to how the lock was able to be opened. A “live” bolt was able to be opened from either side of the door (either with a key or via a mechanism). The “dead” bolt was only able to be opened from one side – the side in which the key hole was found. While we don’t typically use the term “live bolt” anymore, the term “deadbolt” has stuck and it’s the term that we continue to use for these sorts of locks today.