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Transponder Key Programming: Providing Only the Best

A transponder key is any car key which includes a transponder chip in it. The chip acts as an extra security feature for the car as it prevents car theft. This is because the chip connects to the receiver installed in or close to the ignition of the car.

The chip sends a signal to the receiver; when the key is close to the ignition and this makes the car start. Without the right key; the car won’t start and so no one can drive your car until you allow them to. A key with a chip is nothing without the proper transponder key programming.

The Where and How

You can identify your transponder key easily by checking the bow of the key. The bow of the key is the flat piece of the key that you turn to start the car; when you place the metal piece, which is the blade, in the ignition.

Plastic or rubber casings surround the bow; there’s a good chance that your key has a transponder chip. You could always open the key up and check but if you scratch the chip; If you damaged it, the key wouldn’t work.

You can also ask from the dealer before you buy the car so that you’ll know the type of key; that you are purchasing or you could use a different but similar key and see if it works.

If you have a transponder key, you should know that transponder key programming is important. This is the only way the key would work in the ignition. If you get a new car key with a transponder chip, you’ll have to reprogram that one too and rekey the ignition.

You might need a new key if your previous transponder key was stolen, lost or broken. The best locksmith in Jamaica Plain, MA, can quickly get to you, reprogram a new transponder key and send you on your way.

Transponder key programming itself doesn’t take more than a few minutes. The extra time spend depends on if you are duplicating your key or cutting a new one from scratch. If you had the original copy and wanted to program a spare, it won’t take long before the locksmith has a new one for you.

There are some transponder keys that can be programmed by anyone but it’s very tricky and requires a lot of skill. It’s better to employ a locksmith to program your transponder key straightforwardly. The auto locksmith can also replace or duplicate the key no matter the make, model and year of the car or the chip. Transponder keys are more expensive than the regular car keys but they are still very affordable at the hands of a locksmith.

The Different Locksmith Services

Apart from transponder key programming, duplication and replacement, you can also see your locksmith for many types of keys including remote key fobs. If you have faults in your car locks or the ignition system, you can visit the top choice locksmith in Jamaica Plain, MA, for quality and attentive service.

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