Security lock installations for all types of security measures

From the big corporations to the small home businesses and even residential houses; there is a security lock installation in Jamaica Plain MA, waiting for you from the team at Local Locksmith MA.

Most people think their homes, business, and vehicles have the right amount of security, but they are far from reality. The truth is most homes and businesses are lacking security; and are just waiting for the right criminal to strike, and they will when you are not prepared.

Security lock

What sort of security lock do I need?

Did you know that not all security door lock options give you the same degree of defence against criminals breaking in? Some locks can easily be manipulated and pried open or broken with brute force. The lock on your front door happens to be your first step to defending your home against criminals, which is why it is important to have a good quality security lock.

There are many things to think about when you think about whether your security lock installations around your home are decent or if a replacement is needed:

  • Spring-latch locks are low security as you can open using a key card
  • Can the security lock be broken easily?
  • Can the lock be manipulated easily?
  • Have the locks been installed by a professional?
  • Have you ever lost or had the keys stolen?
  • Did you replace the locks when you moved in?
  • Have the locks ever been maintained or upgraded?
  • Do other people have keys you can’t get back?

It is important that old locks are replaced with a new and more advanced security lock.
If you move into a new home,  then you should replace the locks as you never know if the old owners still have a key. The lock can make your home vulnerable to criminals if it isn’t functioning properly, so get it replaced as soon as possible.

If you have doubts about whether you need to replace locks; or install a new security lock somewhere around your home; then you need to call a professional locksmith from Jamaica Plain, MA; such as Local Locksmith MA, who are experienced in conducting a professional assessment of your home or business security.

What are the popular options for locks around the home?

Deadbolt locks

Deadbolt locks are known in the locksmith industry as the ultimate security lock for your door. They are resistant to being forced, pried, and picked. These locks are recommended by the security experts at Local Locksmith MA in Jamaica Plain, MA; however, even these locks need to be durable and of good quality.

You don’t want to be buying these online moreover from your local hardware store as they are cheap and nasty. If you are considering getting a deadbolt, then you need to get one from a professional locksmith to guarantee durability, quality, and high security. There are three types of deadbolt locks that have different features and variations on each:

  • Single cylinder lock, which has a locking mechanism on the inside of the door and then the keyhole for when you are locking or unlocking, which is often found on the outside of the door.
  • Double cylinder deadbolts need to have a key to lock and unlock them on each side of the lock. This offers more security but may not be the best option in the event of a quick escape like a fire.
  • Keyless deadbolts are more advanced and require a fingerprint or password for the lock to open.

The cylinder locks

The cylinder locks use pins and tumblers within the mechanism moreover which ensures they are only able to be opened by a key. These locks are very difficult to pick by expert criminals. You can even get a patented security lock that ensures there is only one key to suit the right lock.

Smart locks

Smart locks are one of the newer types of locks out that are paced with high-tech features that will vary with each model. Locks with smart technology use the remote access features moreover allowing you to use your phone or a key fob to unlock your door without needing to touch anything. Smart locks have extra features like audio and video components, voice control, and touchpad pin access.

Your door locks are the main source of protection for homeowners. The best thing about that is door locks can be easily upgraded to add more security to your home. If you are unsure about your security or whether your home is vulnerable, talk to the professional locksmiths who will give you their friendly advice for the best solutions for your needs and wants. Stay safe with your local locksmith.

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