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Residential door locks

Smart locks are advance residential door locking method that involves using different keyless locks in securing your home. There are different types of smart locks to use in place of key locks; they include but aren’t limited to the use of passwords, fingerprint, face unlock, keycards, and remote controls.

Smart lock security may be more advantageous to using key locks, and that is what we will be discussing in this first section of this article.

With remote-controlled locks, you can sit in your car while you open your door and drive-in; which saves you the stress of getting down to open the gate, and it’s perfect for households with disabled members. When you are in a hurry, remote controlled doors will save you the stress of opening up doors and gates manually; in a nutshell, independently controlled smart locks are the perfect combination of convenience and functionality.

Looking at it from another point of view, smart locks save you the trouble of carrying a lot of keys around. With your smart lock passcode; you will be free from the worry of forgetting your key or having to carry cumbersome keys around.

Residential Door Locks

Another importance of using smart locks for your residential door lock is that you would not have to worry about misplacing your keys or being paranoid about the risk of key theft. Also, the days of you putting your grocery bags down to search for keys in your purse, pocket or wallet are behind you, the moment you decide to invest in a residential door lock,  you’ll never have to stress about getting into your home again.

With residential smart locks, you can keep track of anybody that enters your house; doing this will help you to be more conscious and cautious and give you more control. You can also assign temporary codes or guest codes to extended family members and close friends; for example, if your family members or friends are visiting; you can assign them a temporal code which will be reset after it’s purpose its served.

Unlike most other types of locks, keypad locks; a particular type of keyless lock has specialized hardware designed to make it more secure when compared to alternatives. Residential smart locks do not have cylinder mechanisms, making them inherently impossible to pick; this will further ensure the security of your home.

It is a general belief that whatever has an advantage must also have a disadvantage; this is why the next few paragraphs will be used to discuss the limitations of smart locks. Regardless of convenience and ease of use, some things can discourage people on the market for residential door locks from choosing intelligent locks.


The whole process of keyless locks requires the transmission of signals; either with an internet connection or without the use of the internet. The bad news is that these signals can be interrupted or intercepted and used against you as the homeowner.

Forgotten Passwords

Similar to the way you can misplace the key to your key locks; you can also forget the passcode to your electronic residential door locks. In summary, we strongly encourage you not to choose obvious passcodes like birthdays, anniversaries, names, or the like since these are easy to figure out or guess. Be sure that you memorize the password in order not to forget it.

Power failure

Most smart or electronic locks require electrical power sources. When there happens to be a power or battery malfunction or breakdown, locks will not function as expected until something is done to fix the problem. This poses another challenge or rather limitation to how far electronic locks can go.

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