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Keyless or electronic or smart locks involves the use of ways other than keys to unlock doors passcodes; Remote controls, fingerprint, key cards, and the likes are commonly used as alternatives to key locks.

There are, however, some critical factors to consider when making the choice of electronic locks you desire for your home. Before diving fully into these factors; Let’s quickly answer this question of whether or not keyless locks are better than regular locks.

The first and most important argument for choosing electronic locks over key locks is convenience. Imagine sitting in your car and opening your doors with a remote or from your smartphone; fresh, isn’t it? In a nutshell, electronic or smart locks are far more convenient than key locks will ever be.

Furthermore, think of how great it will be not to worry about forgetting your key at home; or not having to carry keys around as an extra load. With your passcode in your brain; you can go out without the worry of losing or misplacing your keys; which is why you need to think of smart locks as a legitimate alternative to traditional locks.

There are other reasons to choose keyless locks over key locks, but we can’t list them all because we have more to cover; we will now discuss some important factors to consider when choosing the type of smart lock suitable for your house.

Think of your security needs, before any other thing, ascertain what your security needs are, where will you be installing the smart locks? – Main gate, entrances, or safes- who will be operating the lock? These and more will influence your final choice of the perfect lock for your home.

What Types Of Smart Locks Are Available

This is another essential factor to consider. Generally, there are two basic types of smart locks which are those that completely replace your existing in-door bolt lock – unlike the add-on front and back door latch bolt locks and retrofit smart locks that simply replace or are installed on top of the rear thumb-turn cylinder on the inside of your door, and this does not touch the existing door lock in the front. You need to choose the option you deem fit to be most suitable for your home.

Mechanical Or Electronic Locks

Electronic locks run off a power source such as batteries or other power sources, and it is widely utilized for households and businesses because of its flexibility in the sense that it supports multiple passwords for different users. A mechanical lock, on the other hand, is desirable where the use of electronic locks is not suitable, and they are less flexible than electronic locks in the sense that they only support one user at a time.

Remote Control

It is vital to decide if you prefer a remote-controlled lock or non-remote controlled lock. If you are choosing remote-controlled locks, great, but you still need to determine the range of operation, there are short-range remote-controlled locks, medium-range ones are great while long-range remote-controlled locks allow more functionality.


You should also consider the level of waterproofing the smart lock you want to invest in offers. Locks that are waterproof are highly durable and last longer, also try to find out the ideal temperature range for usage when it comes to the lock you want to invest in, this information will help you keep the machine in a suitable and conducive environment.

With these in mind, you should be able to decide on the best smart lock for your needs. Having decided on what type of electronic or smart lock you prefer, it is also essential to go for a skilled locksmith residential to help you maintain your doors.

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